TIBCO Foresight products benefit customers by connecting partners, validating transactions, reducing administrative inefficiencies and addressing mandates such as HIPAA 5010. The TIBCO Foresight family of EDI management solutions allows organizations to trade electronic transactions with commonly-used formats (EDI, XML, and proprietary Flat File) and standards (HIPAA, X12, EDIFACT, and so on).

The EDI Plug-in provides access to the following TIBCO Foresight tools:

  • Validation with Instream, including:
    • - ResponseGenerator
    • - DocumentSplitter
    • - DataSwapper
  • Translation with Translator
  • Additional functions:
    • - pre-scanning of EDI and EDIFACT data to parse document header information using X12 or EDIFACTPrescanners
    • - modification of error lines (also called DTL lines) in an Instream results file using ISErrorRefiner
    • - incorporation of error records and other identifying information into data using Shuffler.
  • Winning Edge has consultants who has years of experience working with both TIBCO Business Connect and Foresight technologies. We provide Stratgey, Architecture, Implementation and Infrasturcture services for all TIBCO Foresight Solutions.

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