What Does a Solid IT Staffing Process look like in the Year 2018

When I started out as an IT Recruiter way, way back in the late 1900s, staffing was a different animal.  It was something that resembled a kitten.   I screened the candidate, may be asked for a few references and sent the person out to the interview.  If the candidate was selected and they usually were, I negotiated the rate and the candidate either accepted the job or passed on it.   A few weeks later a bouquet of flowers would come with a very lovely thank you note to the kind Recruiter (me) with many thanks for presenting them with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Fast Forward to 2018 and “now I woke up.”  That little kitten has grown into a ferocious lion and there are tigers and bears out there too.  What is the Recruiting Manager to do?  The answer; create a solid but painstaking, fail-proof “IT Staffing/Recruiting Process”.

So that is what I did.  I gathered together our best WES minds and we hashed out all the bad things that could come up to destroy our potential placement and we blocked them with a “PROCESS”.  When it comes down to it “our process” is our only defense.

 Precursor to the WES Staffing Process:  WES requires all recruiters to do weekly technology training on some aspect of IT applications and integration because that is what we specialize in.  Our recruiters are very well versed in the technologies they recruit for.

“The WinningEdge IT Staffing Process”

Step 1.  Job RequisitionRead and understand completely on a technical level what the company is looking for in the job requisition.  Also, understand the roadmap, major projects, and culture of the company.

Step 2.  Social Media/Education:  Ensure they have a LinkedIn page and review other related information.

Step 3.  Pre-screen the candidate via Video Interview:  Here we are observing communication, personality, and cultural fit and sure they are a good match for the Job.  If he/she do not pass then we do not move forward with the candidate.

Step 4.  Video Technical screening:  We do video technical screening. We require a bright and well-lit area to conduct the video interview so we do not miss anything that could cause an issue later.

Step 5Technology Professional Interview:  If we are working on a requisition and feel that a professional should be included we will include them in the interview process.

 *******If they pass the interview stage we move on to the second half of the qualification process.********

Step 6:  References:  We only accept references with company email and company phone numbers that correspond with the correct timeframe and employer that they worked for.

Step 7:  Right-to Represent:  We get the candidate to sign an R2R and provide client details to avoid duplicate submittals.

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