How to get your resume to stand out in a pile

How to get your resume to stand out from others in a pile? This is a question we often get.

Even with the help of a recruiters like us, getting your resume to stand out from the others in a pile is on you. And that’s an intimidating prospect for most job seekers. Here are some resume-tips.

Google is the natural resource to turn to for best practice around how to apply for jobs today.

We don’t mean the search engine. We mean the company.

Google sees more than 2 million candidates apply every year, so the company’s HR organization makes public the tips and tools to help you get your resume in the right hands.

This information is highly useful when you’re applying to other companies, too.

One of the top takeaways we get from Google’s HR advice is to use the X by Y by Z formula:

“Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z].”

In other words, lead with your successes.

I won’t question anyone’s intelligence by reminding you to check for typos, but… check for typos. No, seriously. CHECK FOR TYPOS.

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