Apigee Corp. is a Silicon Valley based company that provides API management and predictive analytics software. It was founded in 2004 as Sonoa Systems. in 2016, Apigee was acquired by Google in a deal worth $625 million.
The key products are:
Apigee Edge – An API Management platform which can be hosted on the Cloud or on the premises of a company. Edge Cloud is sold in tiers: 250, 500 or 1250 – where 250 has an upper limit of 250 million API calls per quarter and 1250 has a limit of 1.25 billion calls per quarter.Apigee BaaS – Back-end as a Service platform
Apigee also sells additional functionality to subscribing customers, including the ability to monetise APIs, PCI-DSS compliance, multi-region deployment in Amazon Web Services and traffic isolation.
We provide Stratgey, Architecture, Implementation and Infrasturcture services for the APIGEE API Solution.

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